Every Tuesday we’ll give you three dances for the price of 2! Get up close and personal- three times!

Boobs and Beer

Having trouble looking at the Beer?
We’ll don’t worry, we got you covered.

We’ve got $4.50 Bottles 11:30AM- 7PM

Every Day of the Week!!

25¢ Chicken Wings

Love girls and chicken wings? Get both today!

Only 25¢ a wing! That’s such a great deal. Get your grub on, clean those fingers and get a dance. Sounds like a great night.

99¢ Burger and Fries

Those that know our specials, know them well. But some don’t know, so here’s the deal. Get your drink on, meet the ladies and have a great night. But when that clock ticks past 11:30PM you just might get a rumble in your guts. That’s the not-drunk part of your body saying, “Hey, feed me asshole.” So feed your belly a 99¢ hamburger and fried. Nothing is better at that time of night.
-sorry for the expletive, but you know the feeling.

Reminder to bring your lady with you

Saturdays are the day to come to the Reef and bring your lady. Our deals are killer, our ladies hot and waiting and they’ll treat your partner right while you sip and dine.

2-4-1 drinks and entrees! You got that right!

There are two things I love-

Both are available every night of the week! You got it, boobs and bacon.
Come in and get both. Maybe not together though. Keep the bacon on the burger.

Sexy Thanksgiving!

We hope all our clients have a sexy thanksgiving! Come and see what’s on our table!

Win a Private Dance Wednesday

We want you to come here on Wednesday. To show you how serious we are we’re gonna give you a chance to win a Private Dance! All you gotta do is show up.