Pre-Holiday Extravaganza!

Pre-Holiday Extravaganza!

Best Christmas costume and Dance Contest Sat. Nov 23rd

Don’t forget the $2 drinks and shots. What’s the catch? NO CATCH MAN> Just get on in the doors and find a seat so your face can melt off from the heat coming from the ladies….

Every Tuesday we’ll give you three dances for the price of 2! Get up close and personal- three times!

$2 Shots and Cocktails!

$2 shots and cocktails all day- every day! That’s not quite as good as the ladies that will give you special attention, but a nice second best.

Big Booty Shake Off!

If you can look past the $1 beer, you’ll see that Sunday there’s a Booty Shake Contest! Bring your Jelly!! We have a $300 prize. That’s the making of a great night.