99¢ Burger and Fries

Those that know our specials, know them well. But some don’t know, so here’s the deal. Get your drink on, meet the ladies and have a great night. But when that clock ticks past 11:30PM you just might get a rumble in your guts. That’s the not-drunk part of your body saying, “Hey, feed me asshole.” So feed your belly a 99¢ hamburger and fried. Nothing is better at that time of night.
-sorry for the expletive, but you know the feeling.

The Dog Daze of Summer are Back!

That’s right dudes and dudets! The Dog Daze of Summer are back at Curves and Raiders Reef. that’s $3 bottle beer every day through Labor Day. Bring your sweaty ass in, and all your buddies, too and cool off in our VIP room. You deserve it.

Free Tacos!

Free Tacos?

Yes! Every Friday & Saturday night we will hook you up with gourmet tacos. These are NOT the cheep TacoBell bites, but the real deal. Get your grub on and then get a dance from Tucson’s most beautiful ladies.