Calling Golf Fans!

Golf Fans get free cover and 1st drink for only $1.

This is a hot deal. Oh wait, the girls are the hot ones, but this deal is too good to miss.
Come to Raiders Reef and Play a Round with our lovely ladies!

No Cover After Midnight

At Raiders Reef there’s never a cover after Midnight!
That’s right, a first in all of Tucson, NO COVER AFTER 12AM

Couples Therapy at Raiders Reef

Saturday night fun is Couples therapy! Get 2-4-1 drink, beer and wine. Free cover. Also 2-4-1 entrees!
See how we can help your relationship thrive.

Need to Lift Some Kilt?

Come to Curves Cabaret and kick up your feet and take a break after a long day. Grab a Kilt Lifter and you just might find another type of kilt lifted!

Gem Show Vendors Need a Break!

The Gem show is here and the vendors really work hard. They’re cutting deals, making friends and selling really cool rocks and gems and bones. After the long day in the tent, we’ve got a chair just for them. If you are a vendor, we have your chair. If you know one, take them out by taking them to Raider Reef.